What’s the one thing a peer-to-peer fundraiser can do to raise an extra $793?

Simply put, online fundraising pages with video outperform those without. We crunched some FirstGiving numbers and here’s what we found:

  • Online fundraising pages with video raise an average of $1,182
  • Online fundraising pages without video raise an average of $389

Videos are more engaging than text
Now this doesn’t mean that any old video can go up on your fundraisers’ pages. These videos have to speak to the fundraiser’s efforts, the cause, and/or your mission. Basically, it must be relevant.

Emotional, personal requests trump high end video production
Though polished promo videos are exciting, they should be saved for you, the nonprofit organization. The power of peer-to-peer fundraising lies within an individual fundraiser’s network – this is called peer-to-peer fundraising after all. A low quality handheld video captured on a smartphone is all it really takes. The more personal the video the better and remember, keep it short and sweet.

A video should have a donation call-to-action
Make sure the video has a call-to-action. In this case, you’ll want to remind your fundraisers that their video should explicitly ask the viewers to donate to their online fundraising page. A suggested donation amount can’t hurt either.

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