Peer-to-peer fundraising tip: Push for online donations within 3 days of campaign launch

Successful online fundraising pages have strong starts.

Here are the FirstGiving facts:

  • Fundraisers who did not receive donations within 3 days of launch raise an average of $153 per campaign.
  • Fundraisers who receive donations within 3 days of launch raise an average of $408 per campaign.

2 easy ways your fundraisers can make the most of their first 3 campaign days

1. Fundraisers should be the first to donate to their online fundraising page
Make sure, whoever he or she may be, that they’re the first to donate to their page. It communicates commitment. Why would anyone contribute to a cause when the person asking for funds has yet to do so? This practice also sets the donation amount precedent. This keeps the fundraiser in control, don’t let another person set the donation bar. Will the first donation be $50? $60? You decide.

2. Have a “soft launch” for every online fundraising page
People want to be a part of a winning story. Before a fundraiser promotes an online fundraising page, make sure the “inner circle” has contributed. The “inner circle” are the people who, no matter the cause, will support a fundraiser’s actions. These individuals are mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, girlfriends, boyfriends, etc. This way when an extended network lands on a fundraiser’s page, there’s already some significant funds in the bank. This is called “Social Motivation.” With funds already secured, a fundraiser communicates to their extended network that “it’s okay, donate to this page, look at all the people who already have…”

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