Have you tried FirstGiving’s peer-to-peer fundraising calculator?

You have a solid understanding of what peer-to-peer fundraising is, you’ve seen how other nonprofits have benefited from peer-to-peer fundraising, it’s finally time to calculate just how much extra fundraising revenue you’re capable of. Let’s crunch some numbers!

Download our free Excel spreadsheet
We’ve pre-populated some numbers with FirstGiving averages but we encourage you to customize the spreadsheet with your nonprofit’s numbers. Your organization may have more fundraisers but less events, decide to charge for event registration but give donors the option to pay transaction fees. Every nonprofit is unique.

Let’s keep things simple and transparent
We’ve also broken down any sort of costs you may incur while using our service. If you’re surprised with how simple these equations are, it’s not by accident. We’ve built our entire platform to be as simple as humanly possible. Everything is laid out for you with 100% transparency.

Don’t forget about the intangible benefits either
Give it a try. Download our free FirstGiving peer-to-peer fundraising calculator and see what extra fundraising revenue your nonprofit can stand to make. Also keep in mind that this doesn’t take into consideration the numerous, intangible peer-to-peer fundraising benefits like:

  • increased supporter engagement
  • expanded donor list
  • bolstered credibility
  • smarter marketing33

With the calculator, we’re simply analyzing the cold hard numbers.

Find out how peer-to-peer fundraising can boost fundraising revenue

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