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FirstGiving, Online fundraising, fundraising websites, peer-to-peer fundraisingFirstGiving, Online fundraising, fundraising websites, peer-to-peer fundraisingFirstGiving, Online fundraising, fundraising websites, peer-to-peer fundraisingFirstGiving, Online fundraising, fundraising websites, peer-to-peer fundraising 

FirstGiving, Online fundraising, fundraising websites, peer-to-peer fundraising

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[Guest Post] Capturing the Project Ideas of Fundraising Tips


Now that the Holiday giving season is over and it's the beginning of a new year, how can you get your fundraising campaign off the ground? With the promise of a new year and resolutions freshly made, the potential for fundraising success is through the roof.

To reach your fundraiser goals you need a good planning strategy, enthusiasm and community support. To start off, it's a good idea to plan out all of your goals and conceptualize a list of project ideas, deadlines and what you expect. Social media has made sites like Pinterest and Etsy a household name, so focusing on fundraising projects around artsy, DIY types of projects could be your ticket to a big payout.

Bake Sale

Year-round people's cravings for sweets, chocolates and desserts never fade. Hosting a bake sale is a great way to satisfy both their sweet tooth and help your cause. Get creative with this: categorize your tables based on treats and business goodies. Best-sellers include chocolate chip cookies, brownies, fruit pies and chocolate covered pretzels.

Book Drive

Dr. Seuss, Aesop's Fables, and the dark and erotic world of the Brothers Grimm have inspired people young and old to expand their minds and pick up a book. With reading about specific events like Read Across America Day, people are inspired to read. The popularity of series' like "The Hunger Games," "Harry Potter" and "Twilight" has gained attention and became major motion pictures.

Book drives are very successful since reading is a pleasant and well-honored pastime. Encourage local libraries and schools to donate new or slightly used books. For some inspirational and great advice about fundraising campaigns, seek out Ed Young on the County Board Fundraiser project on Facebook— good tips!

Flea Market

Encourage local vendors and businesses to donate goods, clothing and home decor items for a flea market. This can include homemade gifts or recently added items in their store that have been fast sellers. To have a great flea market, you should include:

    • Child items: Dress-up sets, shoes, clothes, books, car toys, movies and arts and crafts

    • Sport specific items: Golfing, fishing, basketball, dance, etc

    • Kitchen items

    • Home items

    • Knick-knacks

And remember, everyone loves a bargain so be sure to price the items at a fairly low price. Make sure everyone in attendance understands that all proceeds will go to your organization, charity, etc. Generally, when people know it's for charity they're willing to spend a little money.


Shows like "Storage Wars," "Auction Hunters" and "American Pickers" have enthralled audiences, rekindling their love of hunting down good deals and finding fun or one-of-a-kind items. Go throughout your community and find items people are willing to donate to you. Do you know someone who collects sports memorabilia? What about vintage clothing? Seek these people out and ask if they're willing to help you out; you'd be surprised at the generosity of others in your community.

About the Author: Willa Reese A teacher, vocal coach and mom, Willa loves teaching kids the joys of being on stage and putting on holiday pageants.


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