FirstGiving History

FirstGiving was founded in 2003. Our online fundraising solutions allow nonprofits to do what they do best – providing mission-based services and research to deserving recipients – without worrying about technical development, server maintenance, credit card processing, or any of the other headaches we handle on their behalf.

 Meet the Team

We're a passionate, committed, and savvy group who care about fighting cancer, clean water solutions, humane animal treatment, and many other causes. 

  • Chris Collins

    Chris Collins

    • Ski racer
    • iPad enthusiast
    • loves anything lobster
    on LinkedIn
  • Andrea Cowan

    Andrea Cowan

    • Hoosier
    • Indianapolis Colts fan
    on LinkedIn on Twitter on FirstGiving
  • D'Amico Nick

    Nick D'Amico

    • low-budget horror movie buff
    • keytar master
    • full of answers to your nonprofit's questions
  • Dan Fonseca

    Dan Fonseca

    • "Be a critical and creative creature"
    on LinkedIn on Twitter on the web
  • Halsey Grant

    Grant Halsey

    • technology's benefits for everyone
    • jquery geek
    • gadget and bike geek Twitteron FirstGiving
  • John Jarowski

    John Jarowski

    • bookworm
    • horror movie buff
    • Boston Celtics fan
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  • Chuck Miller

    Chuck Miller

    • deep sea fishing
    • "measure twice, cut once"
    • New England Patriots & fantasy football
  • Laura Reino

    Laura Reino

    • fundraising specialist
    • California native
    • "never settle. . . Life's too short"
    on LinkedIn
  • Meg Savin

    Meg Savin

    Nonprofit Accounts
    • Lucas

      Lucas VanGombos

      Account Manager
      • FirstGiving Wizard